The Paw Select Team......

Hi There

My name is Fi  (AKA Aunti Fi to my doggie consumers), the mad dog lady who runs Got 2 have It 4 Paws assisted by my Paw Select Team. Quite simply I couldn't do what I do without my furry team. They & my woofers before them have aided my selection of every treat I sell. I am in awe of these amazing fur kids, they are my inspiration, my life & I love them all deeply. They are ALL used to the finer things in life & are proper connoisseurs  when it comes to the rating of  natural, healthy treats, because as we know not all 'natural' treats are the same. They are an excellent resource to my business, providing me with "grass roots" advice on my range & if they don't give the paw of approval at every stage then quite simply ~ I don't sell it. They all take their roles very seriously! Treat quality, lip smacking tastiness, texture & longevity & of course variety is very important to them. To this day they still insist on sampling every batch of treat I sell. If it's great for them then I know it's great for your dogs too :)

Cooperpup ~ Head of Quality Control

Cooper is my very own, funny, happy, cheeky, lovable rouge. He has had fantastic training & grounding in the business from 7 weeks old guided by his elder bro's Baby Gabe & Sammy Boy who have sadly now passed over to rainbow bridge. Although strictly speaking Cooper is no longer a pup he was the youngest member of our fur family & although he has risen to the rank of Head of QC he is very much still in "puppy mode". A rather large, Long Coated German Shepherd who loves his food, cuddles & lots of play time. Treats are a serious business to him & with his strong jaws & velocity at devouring treats he provides me with very descriptive imagery (the amount of drool!) of just how good the treat is & how long it takes to eat a good proper chew! His input is as valuable to me as is his love & our mutual devotion to each other.

When it comes to his healthcare regime I am all about the natural approach too, why would I put anything nasty into his body that could cause a reaction if I didn't have to..... He is a super shiny, super bright, energetic & very healthy youngster :) He is testament to the fact that from a little puppy bear I have only ever used all natural;  wormers, teeth cleaning, flea & tick control, shampoo (& boy did we do a lot of bathing in the early, messy months), ear & eye drops to keep him happy & in tip top condition. I monitor (nearly) everything that goes into his body & certainly everything that comes out... good firm poo's = a lovely healthy digestion ( I'm sorry to mention poo but it really does tell you a lot about their general health & condition). Cooper has gone from being the youngest of 3 to being my current one & only fur kid. He has adapted wonderfully to all the changes & bereavements (probably better than I) & has reassured me that he is "Up to the job of Head of QC & can fit it in to his busy schedule" which I think means just cutting out a bit of kip time or maybe a bit less barking at passers by through the gate!

Akhiro ~ Chief Taste Tester


Akhiro is my fur nephew who lives with his family Mum Sara, Dad Harvey & Big hooman bro Seb. He is a very gentle, loving & kind Akita & German Shepherd mixed breed boy (Shepkita) who was adopted when he was around 12 months old from Dogs Trust.  It's impossible for anyone not to fall instantly in love with this handsome intelligent boy. Akhiro sits very patiently for his treats but once given will run off to his bed to devour the larger treats. He is always the first back into the kitchen to get more and will sit patiently at the treat cupboard ..... dribbling ..... hoping that you open the door for more treats! He prefers quiet "alone time" time when treats are around & likes to give his full attention to his work. It's fair to say that Akhiro prefers his Meat Treats (a proper boy lol) but has recently been trialing the new Fish Treats & tells us he is happy to eat them rather than allow his fur sister to have extra! Akhiro is protective of his baby sister Laika & will often volunteer to help her finish HER treats if she is taking more time over them than he thinks necessary!

Laika ~ Apprentice Taste Tester

Laika is Akhiro's younger sister who joined the family at 8 weeks of age. A bright, funny & very pretty young lady who is still in training (in more ways than one). This Malamute Akita mixed breed (Malakita) is already bigger then her brother Akhiro  at only 1 year of age and still growing.  Laika Aka "The Destroyer" - enjoys destroying laminate flooring, garden furniture, towels, clothes & toys but when it comes to treat time she immediately calms down and responds to all commands to ensure she get her treats ! She then races off in the opposite direction to Akhiro to find a nice quiet (& comfy) spot to eat. Laika likes to take her time with her treats & is very ladylike in this respect, savouring each morsel with a lick & a bite.  She is very much a puppy & her favourite game is ... hide & sniff .... she can get rather excited & boisterous when searching for hidden treats but Laika is very smart & a quick learner. She understands that if she behaves like her older brother Akhiro - good behaviour means lots more treats! A lot to learn & still a baby who is the "little monkey" in our pack of wolves!

My (Out in the) Field Team ~The Folkvang Family

An active, working, glorious fur family who share their lives with my equally lovely, superwoman friend Tima. These guys live in Berkshire where they have loads of fun working in the fields, taking part in agility, training & sometimes making equally gorgeous babies! They are a wonderful multi breed family consisting of;

LV ~ A very beautiful, intelligent, Mum to all, German Shepherd. Tima says "LV, the pudding 'n' pie dog... she is the senior lady in our Folkvang family. She counts the treats in and out!! And always  knows if you’ve left one in your pocket." She is very discerning in her treat selection, TRY to feed her something inferior & she gives you the look & walks away head held high!"

Tau ~ I call him Mr gorgeous because he really is ~ inside & out, a happy chappie, 4 year old black Labrador. Tima says "He can smell treats from 100m away! He is a performance clown and gives the best hugs!" I can confirm that Tau hugs are the best!

Spirit ~  Spirit is a real live wire & a proper girlie. Tima says "The Princess... a working Labrador... who needs EVERYTHING to be ‘just right’ before she will entertain it... That includes her treats...."

Smudge ~ One of the babies of the family who I have yet to meet but I love him already! Tima says " A baby clown who is a bit of a Dufus... happy to clown about for anyone with quality treats."

Karma ~ Is the prettiest little girl & very bright, she uses her charm & beautiful golden locks to be sure you know she's there. Tima says" A baby working cocker spaniel, she is also keen to work hard as long as quality of treats are up to her standards!!"

Aceman ~ Has a real zest for life, he's a cheeky guy just loaded with talent, fun & personality. Tima says "The fastest, cleverest, nicest dog ever... lives his life at 100 miles per hour.. so treats need to be good to slow him down enough to breathe...."

Jetta ~ Another youngster that I have yet to meet but have heard her chatting & playing with the gang over the telephone many times, lol. Tima says "A 4 month old bundle of naughtiness... She hasn’t got a clue yet, but loves to chew.. ducks toots are her favourite so far."

Gandalf the Grey ~ Gandalf is amazing & thinks he's a dog! Totally crackers & loves to amuse you, a cat in a million! Tima says" He is very fussy.... so everything that he approves of will be have to FABULOUS!!"

Jimmycat ~ She & I have a special bond, She talks, I feed, I'm allowed to stroke & then she leaves ~ purrfect! Tima says" Jimmycat is a very senior lady (17), who has very clear likes and dislikes...if treats get approved by her they really have got to be good."

SammyBoy & BabyGabe

My little lamb Sammy passed over Rainbow Bridge in May 2016 & Gabey followed him in February 2018. With over 10 years in age difference between them & a huge weight & height difference you would think that they were a less than an ideal pairing!  But no, not a bit :) From their first meeting they became pals &  inseperable, wherever one was the other was sure to follow. The two of them were my main inspiration for starting the business.

Samuel came from a pretty poor start in life & was plagued with a variety of allergies & sensitivities. When it came to food, treats & healthcare ~ natural was the only way to go. He was VERY particular about his treats & as such he gave me valuable insight into "picky eaters" & what the older woofers demand when they get to a certain age (he was almost 17).

Gabriel was indeed an angel by name & by nature! A big hunk of teddy bear with lots of personality thrown in. He loved everyone & everything (but hey rabbits & squirells are fair game to anyone...) was ridiculously intelligent & protector of all. As is often the way with German Shepherds he had quite a sensitive digestion so again natural was the only way. He was a real Treat Connoisseur & very demonstrative with his likes & dislikes. He was my Chief of Staff & had the final say on everything I sold, I could trust that boy with my life!

Although both now passed (but always in my mind & heart) my boyz were a huge part of  my business & my life. Without them I would most likely never have driven the concept of Got 2 Have It 4 Paws to fruition. I will always owe them a huge debt of gratitude for putting up with me when the buisness first started back in 2014 & along with Cooper; helping me by taste testing, sniffing & of course unpacking new orders (lol). Their willingness & enthusiasm for their roles never faultered & we had an awful lot of fun & laughs along the way. You will see in my product descriptions that they are mentioned often because although no longer here their judgements on treat selection is timeless.